Mr. Versatile: the story of videographer Steven Hulzinga

Steven, 27, born and raised in Kampen, a bright and talented videographer and the co-producer of Clanstate Pictures’ Connection Down. An absolute can-do-all, who specialises in wedding videography and business oriented media content. Steven’s an example for many starting videographers, carefully mapping out his route towards becoming master of his creative domain.

It all started somewhere, of course. After having obtained a college degree in Audiovisual Design years ago, Steven found himself stuck. The temptations of Groningen’s student life can be overwhelmingly distracting, which caused Steven a loss of focus and a preference for simpler enjoyment. However, after a short period of wandering around, he ultimately decided to enroll at a media management university programme in Leeuwarden. What followed was the founding of a new company.

Me and my younger brother enrolled at the chamber of trade and started our business in wedding videography. At first, this didn’t really get off the ground. We found ourselves too distracted’

Three years later, Steven has fully found his focus and is still the owner of Saga. His brother opted to go for a different direction, meaning that nowadays Steven runs the company fully by himself. He finds himself growing exponentially as a video professional, and works towards mastering all the aspects of production from beginning to end. In the meantime, he’s taken on the job of co-producer at Connection Down. And his work didn’t stop there: Steven also took on the responsibility of the sound mixing during the shooting days, proving his versatility as a video professional.

His wide range of skills has proven of great value to the Connection Down production. However, he empahises that the versatility of all the crew members have made the film possible. Steven’s been involved in a previous short-film production before, but he saw Connection Down as unique in its own way.

‘It’s incredible to see that with quite a low budget you can create some awesome shots. What stood out for me was the incredible involvement of all the crew members during the production process, and the excitement this small team had in working out the idea of someone else’.

Since most of the crew members, including the director, were still newbies in film production when Connection Down kicked off, the experience and learning process were of high value. Starting professionals need experiences and inspiration in order to kick-off their careers in the film industry. When asked where he obtained his skill and inspiration, Steven answers:

‘I often get inspired by the work of others. Many techniques and skills I possess I learned from YouTube. Nowadays there are many creatives sharing their knowledge and experience there, providing an excellent platform for starting videographers to learn. For example, Maru Films and Fiore Films have been of great inspiration for me. They are able to perfectly capture emotions and create beautiful cinematic stories, two important traits for a skilled videographer. ‘

Over time, Steven aims for his work to reach the same level as that of Maru Films in Amsterdam and Fiore Films in New York. As Steven moves on to further his career as a wedding videographer, he also leaves the door open for further involvement in (short) film production. He says he would gladly again be involved in a Clanstate Pictures production, and would find it amazing to one day work in a big sci-fi or fantasy film production as well.

Like no one else, Steven knows that knowledge and techniques can be studied, but actual experience makes one competent.

‘An aircraft pilot needs to meet a certain number of flying hours every year to retain his flying license: the same goes for you as a creative. You need to create and keep creating, to keep yourself sharp. This is how you learn’
‘You’re your own unique character, and you’ve got your own view on the world. Let yourself be inspired by others, but don’t let yourself become demotivated by their achievements. Simply ignore the voice in your head saying you’re not good enough, because you can be’

Get in contact with Steven via the website of Saga!

Written by Kilian Harkema

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