Connection Down

A short drama thriller on social media addiction.

”A positive-minded student living in countryside Friesland is randomly attacked by his social media-addicted younger sister when he attempts to take her smartphone out of her hands. To save her from turning into permanent state of psychosis, he needs to find the doctor who can help her.”

Connection Down Teaser


Jim drives home through countryside Friesland after a long and exhausting day at university. When he arrives home he occurs to his sister Anna, who’s on the couch playing with her phone. After Anna doesn’t respond when he greets her, he walks towards her and attempts to grab her phone.​

She swiftly turns around and tries to hit Jim. Jim quickly dives away and manages to push Anna against the wall. It’s like she’s become insane… Completely out of control, she tries to escape Jim’s hands: Anna wants to kill her brother. However, Jim appears too strong, and slowly she returns to her normal state, and apologizes to her brother. Jim immediately grabs her hand and takes her to his car. On their way out, Anna quickly grabs her phone to make sure she doesn’t have to leave it home.

Jim is furious, but Anna doesn’t understand where he’s taking her. She apologised, right? However, after they had lost their mother two months earlier, their father is rarely at home and Anna has closed herself off the real world and finds herself mostly on her phone. She’s made friends there and is barely approachable by the people around her, and becomes quite aggressive when someone tries to disturb her while she finds herself in her digital world. However, it has never been so bad that she actually tried to kill somebody.

Being on the remote countryside, Jim only knows one place to find help, and that’s at the local doctor’s office. When they arrive and rush inside, a seemingly stressed-out and agitated doctor’s assistant sends them towards the waiting room. Apparently Anna’s not the only one requiring help. While Jim and a clearly ashamed Anna are restlessly waiting on their seats, they suddenly hear a loud ‘BOOM!’ and glass scattering.​

Jim nervously walks towards the door opening, and takes a look, while Anna closely follows him. In the background, the radio in the waiting room jumps to the news. The news reporter talks about a massive internet breakdown resulting in people randomly attacking each other on the streets. Jim and Anna don’t hear the news, and approach an open door. When Jim turns around the corner, he sees a lifeless body on the floor with a phone lying next to it. A confused Jim takes a look at the phone, while someone behind him appears from behind the door. Its feet are dragging on the floor, causing Anna to suddenly start breathing heavily and looking more and more angry. When Jim turns around, the social media addict grabs Jim’s neck and throws him against the wall. Anna releases a terrifying scream, and attacks.​

The film had its premiere on March 14th in Leeuwarden was already screened at 7 film festivals!

Director statement

”Connection Down” is a narrative fiction highlighting one of the most important issues society is dealing with nowadays: social media (over)usage. It influences every aspect of our lives, and an ongoing increase of dependency on technology forces us to become aware of our online behaviour and take appropriate measures to keep ourselves healthy. In the film, main characters Jim and Anna have recently seen their mother pass away, and are still very much in a phase of mourning. Anna, however, has locked herself up in her virtual world – on her smartphone – and starts losing sight of reality. However, she’s not the only one. When there’s a worldwide breakdown of the internet, countless people suddenly start losing it… and become insane.

Kilian Harkema​


AnnaRenée Wiersma
JimStan Tjassing
Doctor’s assistantRommy Walinga
Radio reporterErik Beyrens
Supporting actorsJacob Dooitze Walinga
Germen Walinga
Director/ProducerKilian Harkema
Co-producer/stunt coordinatorWietse Walinga
Co-producer/sound designSteven Hulzinga
Director of PhotographyLars Zijm
Camera operatorDylan Krombos
EditorBas Dijkstra



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