God’s Thought on Science

When a young priest suddenly gets the opportunity offered to work at a famous space institute, seems his world to be turned completely upside down. He was always very prolific in his research on astronomy, but never felt his ideas would contribute to research outside of God’s Earth.

And what will the people in the church say? His belief that science and God are intertwined rather than enemies is not shared by everyone, especially not in the local community he lives. Recently a family even moved to a church in a neighbouring village, having criticised the priest for having too ‘liberal’ ideas. The inner conflict has driven him to insanity ever since he was a kid, his heart being at two places, viewed by many people as complete opposites.

This dramatic film covers the story of a young priest who struggles with the inner conflict between his loyalty to God and the church, and his passion for astronomy and life outside of Earth. He believes that God has given mankind science to learn more about his divine creations. When he was young, his father forbid him to ask questions and follow the word of the Bible closely, while in his heart he knew that there’s more God wants to show to the people. The central topic of this film is this ongoing conflict between religion and science in society, and shows that the world isn’t painted black and white, as is often being claimed.

To be produced.