The ‘Comfort Women’ of Korea

Korea, 1940. The Korean peninsula is occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army and the pressure from the Japanese side has increased over the last couple of years. Thousands of women are being shipped away, either being sold by human traffickers, or in search for a better future overseas. Many women end up in ”Comfort Houses”, to serve the Japanese military in their sexual needs, voluntarily… or forced.

Not many adults in the West are familiar with the ”Comfort Women” of the Japanese colonial empire during the early 20th century. Estimated is that around 200.000 Korean women were recruited for the ”Comfort System”, some of them still being alive. Inaccurate documentation and reports have caused friction between the Koreans and the Japanese, and the issue is still alive among Korean youth nowadays.​

This cinematic documentary has the purpose of increasing awareness in modern society on the topic of this historic event. Not a single word can be found in the high school history books on the topic. The victims, as well as present-day Koreans, Japanese and other concerned parties, deserve the story to be heard and that the historical events are being correctly passed on to the new generation. 

To be produced.

I wrote an essay on this topic, which can be read here