The Mysterious Tiger of Minami

It was pure coincidence that he saw her in Minami that night. Where did she come from? He just went out for an evening walk, when his feet led him through a street filled with cosplay fanatics and entertainers. Annoyed by the noise and the crowd of people around him, he escaped to a side street and tried to figure out his way home. Then suddenly, like having appeared out of thin air, the mysterious looking woman appeared right in front of him. In the evening light he could just distinguish an impressive tiger tattoo on her right leg. She looked at him, turned around and then entered an old looking house at the side of the street. Being completely mesmerized for a few seconds, he followed her to the house and knocked on the door. An old lady appeared and asked him for what business he was there. He could see around a dozen of ladies sitting behind him at a table, with a large fireplace illuminating the room. When he stepped back and the old woman closed the door, he swiftly caught a glimpse of the woman with the tiger tattoo staring at him. The day after he can’t get her off his mind. The image of the woman staring at him keeps occupying his mind. Who is she? And what did the women do there? He decides to return to Minami after work, trying to unravel the mystery of this woman with a tiger tattoo.

The film is a short artistic drama with fantasy and comedy elements, taking a look into the life of a young European photographer who recently started working in Osaka, Japan. He unexpectedly occurs to a mysterious woman on the streets which leads him into a bizarre world full of peculiarities.

To be produced.